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Exploding Bubble Aftermath

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Last week  posted a little video of me doing my Exploding Bubble Trick from one of my Reading Is Magic school assemblies (you can view the video here:  This trick is part of my Bubble Act which shows some amazing bubble tricks and a quick lesson on how to bounce bubbles like I did to break the Guinness World Record for bubble bouncing.

bubble magic tricks

Well I was surprised a few days later when my video appeared on a very popular blog for magicians that’s written by a well known professional magician and read by amateur and professional magicians.  Video of my Exploding Bubble trick was used as a demonstration of creative magic tricks that use thinking outside the box.

I always love it when  other magicians mention my creativity.  I  hear it from audiences everyday when they laugh, gasp, clap,etc.  When I guy halfway around the world who I respect hears about it and  has to look me up…that’s a great feeling (almost as good as a live performance…almost…).

One thing I try to do in my show is keep it fresh by constantly updating how I make the magic tricks work with cutting edge secrets and new exciting tricks!


P.S. if you haven’t voted for me for the best Live Entertainment for kids over at the Parent Map simple go to: and put in my name LOUIE FOXX in the Live Entertainment category!

School Assembly Season is Almost Over…

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

We’re now about a week into June and the school assembly performing season for me is almost over.  I’ve only got a  handful of assemblies left before it’s the super busy summer season.

Today I’m heading off to do my Reading Is Magic show at two school assemblies in Maple Valley, WA.

magic show

This morning I’m debuting something new in the show and I’m very excited about it!  What I’m adding is some stand up comedy for kids…but it’s stand up with a twist (you have to see it to understand what the twist is).

It’s always fun adding new things to the show!


Mysterious Crandell

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Recently on Saturday Night Live Justin Timberlake played the Mysterious Crandell in a sketch.  One of the things he used was a Hypnosis Wheel.

These Hypnosis Wheels aren’t used for hypnosis, but are for a classic optical illusion.  I’m actually using one of these Hypnosis Wheels in my Science of Cool show.  This show demonstrates the science behind optical illusions, juggling and magic tricks.  I’m performing this for Summer Camps the next few months and it will be available for school assemblies and family nights starting in the fall.

In my Science of Cool show they Hypnosis Wheel is used to create the illusion of people’s hands growing and kids heads shrinking!


School Assemblies in Woodinville

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

This morning my day starts out in Woodinville, WA:

magic show woodinville

This morning I’m presenting my Anti-Bullying School assembly called BAND Together for a Bully Free School.  This interactive assembly teaches kids techniques for dealing with bullies and steps they can take to make bullying at their school disappear.

This show is a great example of how I can use a magic trick as a memory peg for the kids to hang techniques on.  By not just telling the what to do, but having a fun visual component it will make it easier to remember the principles!

For more details visit


School Assembly Magic Show!

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Today I’m presenting my Reading Is Magic school assembly in Arlington, WA:

Magician Louie Foxx

This school assembly shows kids all the things that I’ve learned from books (which is pretty much all the skills that I have!) and in the process motivates them to read!

Of all the school assemblies that I present the Reading Is Magic school assembly is my favorite because I’m  big reader and because I read a lot I was able to learn all my wacky skills, break a world record, and be an entertainer for my job!

For more details about the Reading Is Magic school assembly visit:


Last performing day before vacaction!

Monday, March 7th, 2011

This morning I’m heading out to Bridgeport, WA for a couple of shows.

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Bridgeport is about 4 hours from Seattle and my last day of performing before I head out on vacation from 3/10/11 – 3/20/11. So if you try to call or email me from the 10th to the 20th of March you won’t hear back from me until the 21st or 22nd when I’m back.


Part of one of my Elementary School Assemblies…

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Every year I perform at a ton of schools, one of the shows that I do is called Reading Is Magic.  In this assembly I show kids many of the cool things I’ve learned from books.  Here’s something that is fairly new in that show:

This audience consisted of kids from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade and I’m always love how amazed the kids are by simply making a giant soap bubble!