The Salt Trick…

For years I’ve always wanted to do a classic magic trick in my show.  It’s a trick where the magician pours the salt from a salt shaker into their hand and the salt disappears…then it reappears!  I learned to do this trick while I was in high school in Minnesota, but it never really fit into the show.  Over the years I’d tried putting it in off and on, but never really had a place for it and it lacked that certain Louie-Factor that I add to all of the magic tricks I do.

Fast forward to a couple years ago when I was writing a new show for that year’s summer library tour.  The library theme was ” Make a Splash, READ” and I had decided to go with an ocean themed show for them that summer.  Naturally I used the Salt Trick in the show while I talked about salt in the water of the ocean.  It was fun getting to do the salt trick all summer, but it still lacked something and never made it into the regular show.

Here’s how the trick looked a couple of years ago:

The old version was a talking version that was great for a themed kids show, but wasn’t what I wanted for my other shows.  So  now the trick looks a bit different.  I’ve added a new ending to it and it’s done to music:

I think the new ending makes it “POP” and it was Louie-Factor that it was missing!  Want to see me do this trick LIVE, come out on 11/5/11 to the SecondStory Repertory Theatre and see me do it!  For details visit:


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